Romance@KingsARI installation shot 1_lowres




Romance@KingsARI installation shot 3_lowres




Romance@KingsARI installation shot 5_lowres




Romance@KingsARI installation shot 6.2_lowres




Romance@KingsARI installation shot 7_lowres




Palms Cut and Frozen, 2016 - oil and pencil on canvas, 84.5x61cm_lowres

Palms Cut and Frozen, 2016  oil and pencil on canvas, 84.5 x 61cm*



Uptown Conventions, 2016 - oil and pencil on canvas, 147x100cm_lowres

Uptown Conventions, 2016  oil and pencil on canvas, 147 x 100cm*



It’s Getting Late Earlier Now, 2016 - oil and pencil on linen, 63x63cm_lowres

It’s Getting Late Earlier Now, 2016  oil and pencil on linen, 63 x 63cm*



Get Down off the Roof, 2016 - oil and pencil on wood, 62x48cm_lowres

Get Down Off the Roof, 2016  oil and pencil on wood, 62 x 48cm*



Between Marble Walls 2016, oil and pencil on canvas, 125.5x103cm_lowres

Between Marble Walls, 2016  oil and pencil on canvas, 125.5 x 103cm*




Habituation: a tolerance or diminishing behavioural response to external stimuli after continued or repeated exposure to it.

Apperception: the assimilation and interpretation of newly observed qualities by relying on past experience to formulate an understanding.

‘A breath of wind on a plastic petal in a cemetery, a riot of colour along a heavily graffitied corrugated fence, faded remnants of advertising on bluestone architecture, a display of potted plants on a blonde brick porch’.

After over 10 years of living in the same house, a move to an unfamiliar northern Melbourne suburb creates a heightened sense of awareness.

Romance Bloody Romance is a body of work that examines the relationships we make with landscapes. Filled with analogies, rhythms and metaphors, this autobiography of abstract paintings is driven by discoveries made over the passage of time. It investigates responses to the aesthetics of unknown surroundings; in seeing things for the first time, in the psychology of a new moment. These paintings archive a moment in time; when things happen, when things come right and exude a sense of balance and vitality.

Said poetically by Kandinsky   ‘Every form is a puff of smoke, the slightest breath will alter it completely.’

Detached from the world of objects, Romance Bloody Romance presents, in its own language, a place where the cognitive functions of habituation and apperception work in unison; in alliance. Here they support and conspire together in an effort to make what is new, old, what is different, common and what is revealed, exposed.